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Office Air Testing and Certification

Our team of medical specialists, occupational health specialists, scientists and environmental consultants have designed a corporate indoor air standard which is the most comprehensive programme of its type worldwide.

This health based programme audits and monitors the parameters found in office air that are most likely to adversely impact on human health and productivity. Once the indoor environment meets health friendly airTM standards then the organisation receives the health friendly airTM award.


"Reducing lost time of employees and enhancing their performance, by providing environmental conditions which satisfy needs, reducing the adverse effects of exposures to pollutants and promoting health are essential elements in improving productivity"
Tuomainen et al. 2002

HFA logoIn considering this programme, there has to be an understanding of the firmly established scientific facts relating to the health of occupants and the quality of the air in a building.

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that greater than one building in four has indoor air quality problems.
  • Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air (5 to 100 times) (US EPA).
  • Indoor Air pollution has been ranked as a high priority health risk - it is ranked 5th as a cause of ill health worldwide (WHO).
  • 90% of our time is spent indoors and many spend most of the day in an office setting.
  • Office workers believe indoor environmental quality is among the most important components of job satisfaction.
  • 20-60% of office occupants suffer from symptoms associated with unhealthy indoor air, headache, eye, nose or throat irritation; dry cough; dry or itchy skin; dizziness and nausea; difficulty in concentrating and fatigue.

It is established scientific fact that improving indoor air significantly contributes to a gain in productivity and health and by implementing the health friendly airTM programme organisations can benefit from:

  • Improved productivity of 5 - 10%.
  • Improved concentration levels of up to 30%.
  • Reduction in the transmission of airborne illnesses by up to 50% (flu and colds).
  • Increased productivity of 10% for those with allergies.
  • A robust risk assessment and risk management tool which addresses the liability risk associated with employee ill health as a result of indoor air.

logoWe use a structured approach to put the benefits of the award at the forefront of employees' minds. This includes an introductory letter to each employee, a communication leaflet describing the service and on site information stands. The award is displayed and communicated throughout the office so team members and visitors appreciate that they are benefiting from breathing top quality indoor air and in addition to feeling more in control and confident of their workplace indoor environment the team are also assured that they have an employer who cares about their wellbeing.

In other words you get credit for investing in top quality air and can prove this is the case as your office air has undergone the most comprehensive health check available through an independent doctor led organisation. Our service also ensures that all reasonable measures have been taken by you to protect employees from harmful airborne contaminants in the workplace that can lead to chronic, long-term health problems.

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