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Health & Safety Review (Journal of Record on Health, Safety and Environmental Issues as they affect the Workplace) feature Airmid's Health Friendly Air division.

Health and Safety ReviewSore throats, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration and fatigue are among the warning signs which should alert employers to the fact that poor indoor air quality may be adversely affecting their employees' health. While compliance with the law is fundamental, the objective is to prevent exposure.

That prompts the question: how does the employer become aware of exposure? Employers should have identified the potential hazards and carried out a risk assessment, but in doing so may not have identified indoor air quality as a hazard.

But as O'Donovan points out referring to the WHO figures "ignorance is no defence against a claim or a prosecution". She adds the threat of litigation, resulting from poor quality air, can result in "a risk of major financial liability for employers".......

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