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The Home Test Kit

If you or one of your family are allergic to the house dust mite and you want to know your exposure in a particular part of your home (such as the bedroom), our home kit will tell you what the exposure is and whether it is at a safe level.

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Test Option One (one sample): €75.00

This option tests for house dust mite ((Der p1) allergen levels in the dust samples provided by you from one selected site.

home kit options

Selecting the right test for youAllergyCountsLogoBox
  • Common indoor allergens in your home are dust mites, pets and mould. (to find out what you are allergic to visit Allergy Counts).

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  • At high exposures these allergens will cause sneezing, wheezing, headaches, coughing, eye irritation, fatigue or dizziness and are confirmed as a major trigger for acute asthma attacks in sensitive individuals.

  • The Asthma Society of Ireland, the World Health Organisation, the NIH and many other specialist organisations all agree that reducing exposure to allergens should be a critical part of a patient's allergy and asthma management plan.

  • To avoid these high allergen exposures it is necessary to know the location and level of allergens in the home.

  • Our home test kit scientifically measures the level of allergens in your home and provides you with a detailed report that determines whether the level of exposure is significant enough to cause allergic symptoms.

  • Each allergic person has an allergic threshold at which symptoms will be present. The aim therefore is to reduce exposure below the threshold where allergens cause problems.

  • Based on the measurements from your home our allergy experts will recommend the best approach to take regarding allergen control procedures.

  • Alternatively if you already have control measures in place the kit can be used to measure how well your prevention efforts are working.

  • If you are allergic to the house dust mite we recommend that you choose test option one below. If you want to test more than one site in your home please contact us on (01) 6336821 so we can advise you.

  • Where you are sensitive to more than house dust mite or do not know your specific sensitivities please contact us to discuss the most suitable test option.

Information Booklet

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