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Association of Irish Risk Managers (A.I.R.M) Seminar

On Wednesday the 21st of September the Health Friendly Air Division of the Airmid Health Group will present to the Association of Irish Risk Managers (A.I.R.M) in Dublin. The seminar entitled "Indoor Air Exposure in Buildings and the Law" will take place at the Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2. Registration begins at 9.45 am. The seminar ends at 12.30 pm.

Caitriona O' Donovan, General Manager of the Health Friendly Air Division will be joined by her colleagues to present on this important Occupational Health and Organisational Risk issue. The seminar will include topics such as Global Research on Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Air Pollution & the Law (Applicable legislation by various workplace setting), Indoor Air Quality Exposure Risks, Sick Building syndrome (SBS), findings of Irish Buildings Indoor Air Quality Surveys, environmental building exposures such as light and noise and some basic strategies for improving Indoor Air Quality, Protecting health and Mitigating Risk.

The Health Friendly Air Division of the Airmid Health Group (A.H.G. Ltd) is a specialist organisation of medical specialists, occupational health & hygiene specialists, and scientists who audit and monitor the parameters in indoor air most likely to adversely impact on human health. The aim of these services is to protect health and mitigate organisational risk.

To find out more about A.I.R.M and the seminar please visit


Worlds First and Only Accredited Allergen Laboratory for House dust mite

Our Laboratory here in the Trinity Enterprise Campus has become the only laboratory in the world accredited for Dust Mite Allergen testing. (ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, as recognised by the Irish National Accreditation Board). As a physician led, health based, indoor air testing organisation we recognise that bioaerosols including house dust mite are a common indoor air pollutant and exposure to bioaerosols is associated with a wide range of health effects. Because of the climate in Ireland, mite levels are higher then in some other countries, emphasising the importance of this allergen here. As the dust mite allergen is associated with particles of less then 25 microns, these can become airborne with room disturbance and can be breathed in by the sensitive individual. In this circumstance, and when deposited on or in eyes, nose or skin the sensitive individual will mount an allergic response which in turn triggers symptoms. Usually, the greater the exposure the greater the symptoms. For this reason all of our health friendly airTM indoor air quality surveys include collection of samples for dust mite analysis because if workplace levels are high the resulting allergic reaction in employees can cause symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhoea, vomiting, itching and hives. For employers this can mean a drop of 10% in performance!

health friendly air™ abstract on Sustainable Buildings and Indoor Air Quality accepted by the US Association of Asthma Educators.

airmid healthgroup ltd have another exciting announcement regarding the newly developed Sustainable Buildings and Indoor Air Quality abstract.  The abstract has been accepted by the US Association of Asthma Educators and focuses on the face that good Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is a fundamental principle of sustainable "green" buildings and the creation of healthy indoor homes and offices requires that at design, construction, furnishing and maintenance stages, that there must be a balance between maximising energy conservation and protecting health in buildings.

The abstract reports on those respiratory illnesses that are either caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality and recognises the need for environmental control measures as part of an overall management plan for those with allergies and asthma.

Caitriona O'Donovan, General Manager of the health friendly air programme said this of the abstract, "Given that those with allergies and asthma are particularly susceptible to indoor air pollution we are delighted that our airmid healthgroup ltd abstract on Sustainable Buildings and Indoor Air Quality has been accepted by the US Association of Asthma Educators".

Click here to view the  Sustainable Buildings and Indoor Air Quality Abstract.

Health & Safety Review (Journal of Record on Health, Safety and Environmental Issues as they affect the Workplace) feature Airmid's Health Friendly Air division.

Health and Safety ReviewSore throats, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration and fatigue are among the warning signs which should alert employers to the fact that poor indoor air quality may be adversely affecting their employees' health. While compliance with the law is fundamental, the objective is to prevent exposure.

That prompts the question: how does the employer become aware of exposure? Employers should have identified the potential hazards and carried out a risk assessment, but in doing so may not have identified indoor air quality as a hazard.

But as O'Donovan points out referring to the WHO figures "ignorance is no defence against a claim or a prosecution". She adds the threat of litigation, resulting from poor quality air, can result in "a risk of major financial liability for employers".......

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Business & Finance Magazine: Irish Group position themselves at the forefront of trends in environmental medicine

Business_Finance_Apr2011-1The health friendly air division of the airmid healthgroup provides specialist indoor environmental testing services that deliver independent verification of healthy indoor air. The testing programme is one of the most comprehensive testing programmes of its type worldwide.

The programme entails taking air samples from buildings and monitoring those parameters most likely to adversely impact on human health and wellbeing. The company is vertically integrated with samples being analysed in their own laboratory. The group also possesses a unique ability to interpret results in the context of possible adverse health effects. The testing service is available to all enclosed spaces including workplaces, homes, hospitals, schools, museums, crèches, retail outlets, aeroplanes and cruise ships.

The airmid healthgroup is rapidly expanding both in Ireland and on a worldwide basis. Consumers and workers across a wide range of industrial and other situations have a rapidly increasing awareness of the need for optimal indoor air quality and consequently opportunities for the group continue to grow.

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